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If you need to have the access to your Gmail account without going specifically through a web browser, then it is conceivable to configure a proxy to get access. This can sidestep issues, for example, restricted Internet access in the workplace, or different limitations that prevent you getting your Gmail. Regular (common) proxies for Gmail incorporate PC email customers and cell phones.


Outlook Express

Step 1: Open your Gmail account. Tap on “Settings” in the upper right-hand corner. Select the “Enable IMAP in Gmail” alternative. Click “Save Changes.”

Step 2: Open Outlook Express. Select the “Tools” menu and tap on “Accounts”. Tap on “Add” and after that stipulate “Mail”. Enter your name in the “Show name” field and click next to continue. Enter your full email address in the “Email Address” field and click “Next.”

Step 3: Configure your email server. Select “IMAP” starting from the drop menu. Enter “” in the “outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server” field and clock “Next.” In the “Account Name” field enter your full email address. Click “finish”. Highlight “” under “Account and tap on “Properties.” Click on the propelled tap and check the boxes showing that the server requires a safe connection. Enter “465” in the “outgoing Mail” box. The port under the “Incoming Mail (IMAP)” heading ought to peruse “993.” In the “Servers” tab check the box demonstrating that it requires validation and enter the username and password for the Gmail account. Click “ok” to apply and test.

Apple Mail

Step 4: Enable IMAP in Gmail. Open your Gmail account, explore to “Settings” and check the “Enable IMAP” in Gmail alternative. Save the progressions.

Step 5: Open Apple Mail. Tap on the “Mail” menu and select “preference”. Select the “Accounts” tab and tap on the “+” to add another Account. In the “Account Type” drop down menu select “IMAP”. Enter your name and Gmail address in the spaces gave and proceeds to the following page.

Step 6: Configure the mail servers. Recognize the Incoming mail server as “” and enter your full email address and password in the spaces gave. In the following window select the active mail server as “” and check the “Use Authentication” box. Enter your email address and password to complete the process of configuring.

iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Step 7: Enable IMAP in Gmail. Open your Gmail account, explore to “Settings” and check the “Enable IMAP” in Gmail alternative. Save the progressions.

Step 8: Open the settings application on your gadget. Select the “Mail, Contacts and Calendars” menu.

Step 9: Add an Account. Tap “Add Account”. Tap “Gmail”. Enter your Account email address and password. Save the settings.

I hope these steps will assist you in setting up a Proxy for Gmail and if  you need any help reach us out via Gmail customer service number: 1 866 324 3097

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