Gmail launches service update for iOS—plus, iPhone X

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Google has finally launched its updated version of its Gmail app that sharply fills the entirety of Apple’s iPhone X display. This update to the iOS app features support for third-party email services like Apple iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo Mail services.

The iPhone X has been on the market since November 3rd. In that time, Google has updated several smart apps to support Apple’s 5.8-inch notched display. This app list includes Waze and Google Maps; YouTube; the Google app; Google Home and Assistant; Google Drive, Docs, Slides, and Sheets; Google Photos; and Google Translate. Gmail update went presumably delayed by the addition of the IMAP protocol needed to support non-Google email accounts. More latest Gmail updates are available at Gmail technical support easily.

Google still has a few more iOS shortcomings like Authenticator, Inbox, and Play Music, but it’s already done a number of moderations in last 31 days since the Apple flagship came into the market.

It’s a bit unusual that it took Google a much time to get to Gmail for the iPhone X, as it has already seen its way to updating Waze, YouTube, Google Home, Maps, and the Drive apps. Luckily, iOS Gmail users will now get some more than just the notch feature. Along with this, Google has also added support for third-party email apps including iCloud, Outlook and Yahoo mail — a feature it first revealed in a beta version not long ago.

After a period of user testing, Google has rolled out to all users the ability to sign in to their non-Google email accounts in the Gmail app specific to iOS devices. This update, which can be installed from the Apple App Store now, also fits the Gmail app to make perfect use of the iPhone X’s taller display feature. When Google started testing the feature, we weren’t sure it would see a sudden public release. But it’s launched now finally. Options for various accounts include Google, iCloud, Outlook (including Hotmail and Live), Office365, Yahoo, and much more via IMAP. The setup works same as it does in other iOS email apps that support many services. Once added, the new accounts don’t look separate in the app from a Gmail account.

Users who own the iPhone X will be happy to know that Gmail has been updated for that device finally after a while. That means expanding the viewport to fit the new screen while synchronizing with a sensor array, home indicator, and rounded corners.

Nothing radical has changed about the interface of iPhone X—it’s just taller than before. The space around the home pointer is more often than not in the type of scrollable rundown, and in light of the fact that Apple urges application designers to include highlights like scrollable feature so it possesses that space productively, space is best utilized in spite of the marker’s quality. It works well in its portrait mode, whereas landscape mode is not so much in use; there’s just no reason you’d need that much horizontal space using this app.

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