Do you know Gmail Labs as the most advanced Gmail Feature?

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There is a part of Gmail that you may not be introduced with yet. It’s hidden in your Gmail settings, in a tab you may not have noticed called “Labs”. Gmail Labs basically work as add-ons that you can use in Gmail which adds to functionality hence giving benefits to Gmail clients. There are Labs for many other useful things – some life-changing, and others just for user convenience. Overall, it’s a kind of “playbox” where Google can test out its new features for its webmail client. A note to be made is that Gmail Labs is only for the webmail client.

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There’s another interesting fact too. Gmail Labs are trying and test features which can, according to the Labs page, “change, break, or disappear at any time. As you already know that this is Google, a company famous for killing off popular apps and features. After you choose and implement any of these Labs, do not get used to it. They will likely kill off your interest. Likewise, the “Send and Archive” button had its tender beginnings as a Gmail Lab. Gmail users can easily seek more assistance at Gmail customer service phone number

What are the Labs actually?To enable Labs, login into Gmail account, and click the gear in the upper right corner of the site, right below your picture option. Move to the Settings pane, then click on Labs in the top row of tabs. Once you entered Labs, you’ll get a list of the available Labs, with a short description of how they function. Select “Enable” on any of the Labs you want to try with your Gmail, and save your settings and success you have done. Most of them are pretty straight and simple to use. You’ll be finding some Labs functionality you’ve been wanting, and maybe even some you didn’t know you wanted, too. One like that was Preview Pane, which allows you to quickly review your email and not have to open them one at a time. There are other improvements also that can help streamline your workflow too, so let’s dive right into it.

Some of the Labs are quick to understand, but others might create a problem and need some instructions. Some of the easy ones and their functions are obvious as given below:


Auto-advance is a Lab that automatically directs you to the next message page after archiving or deleting an email.

Google Calendar Widget

This Lab adds a Google Calendar widget to the left side of Gmail, allowing you look up at the upcoming events at a glance.

Mark as Read Button

This is a button added at the top of an open email that marks a message as Read. It’s a short method for having to go into More actions > Mark as read.

Preview Pane

This lets you view an email without opening it the full window, and then switch back your inbox. Outlook users will appreciate this kind of similar setting.

Right-side chat

This moves your chat pane to the right side of Gmail, allowing more workspace on the left for labels, or even other Labs.

Smart labels

Smart labels are similar to the current Social and Promotions tabs you already visit your Gmail inbox. They automatically filter out Bulk emails, Notification emails, and Forum messages separately.

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